Report on our visit to St Veit, Austria. 2002

Saturday, 19 October 2002

We leave from Schiphol to Klagenfurt. The Lufthansa plane has a delay of more than an hour, because the original plane had to stay in Frankfurt because of technical reasons, and its passengers had to change planes. When we arrived in Frankfurt we were too late to catch our connecting plane to Klagenfurt. We had to wait at Frankfurt airport for about four hours. The next plane left right on time and we arrived in Klagenfurt around six o’clock. Elisabeth met us at the airport. We make a short tour of St Veit, a very nice town, and then we meet Juliana at the station, where we also meet our Italian colleagues Marinu and Augusto. Then we have dinner together in a restaurant where we have a typically Karinthian dinner: pumpkin soup, Kaerntner Noodles and Apfelstrudel, apple pie. All quite delicious. We talk for a while and then we go to our host families.

Sunday, 20 October 2002

Today we went to a mountain called Gertrusk auf der Saualm. It was a long climb and particularly the last part was windy and very cold, so that you had to protect your head against the icy wind. The top might have given a very nice view, but when we were there were clouds right around us. The way down was a lot easier, but rather slippery. Then we had a very nice meal in a Berghütte. The meal was Schweinebraten mit Sauerkraut und Semmelknödel, followed by Reindling, a kind of cake with raisins (very nice). However, there was one problem, it was far too much. After this we went to Armin Kern, a teacher of biology, who owns a very special farm, where animals are allowed to walk freely, and where he has chickens which lay green or blue eggs. There are also very many special plants. He offered us a very nice meal, which consisted of “soup around the house”. This meant that he put all kinds of things in it which were grown at his farm. Then we got a salad with quails’ eggs, bacon, pate, cottage cheese and Glühmost. Again it was too much for most of us. We were also given cobs of Mais and pumpkins to make soup and some quails eggs to take home to our families.
Everyone felt tired and sleepy after a very interesting day. Tomorrow our first school visit and an afternoon of hard work.

Monday, 21 October 2002

This morning we walked to Elisabeth’s school. There the headmaster received us and gave us a welcoming speech. The speech had to be frequently interrupted because translations into French, Italian and English were necessary. After an interesting tour of the school we were split up in pairs in order to visit various lessons. The students were quite well-behaved. They asked many questions which was very interesting for us. All students are required to wear slippers instead of their shoes in school. The building is very neat and the classrooms are well-equipped. Our cooked lunch was provided by the school kitchen. Students and teachers can have their meals in school. After the meal we made a short walk in St. Veit, and then we returned to start working on the project, in one of the school computer rooms. At about half past six we were taken to Bachler, a renowned restaurant. First we visited the wine cellar and then we had a marvellous five-course meal, with many Austrian wines. Past midnight we were taken to our host families again.

Tuesday 22 October 2002 

This morning it rained. At school we worked hard on the programme for the coming years, particularly on setting dates and filling in all kinds of forms. We also tried to create an electronic office, but the results were not completely satisfying yet. Lunch was in the school and was excellent again. The first part of the afternoon was used to work on the project and then we got a tour of St. Veit, organised and led by one of the students of the school. Very interesting and well-done. Dinner was in a “Buschenschank”, a kind of farmhouse which is only permitted to sell home-made products. A really enjoyable experience. Then return to the host families. Tomorrow the last work on the project.

Wednesday 23 October 2002 

At 9 o\´clock we start again in de \´creative\´ class room to finish our plan for the second year. All dates for the bilateral visits and a preliminary plan for the third project year are set. At 10h30 Caty, Karel and Oosten fix the job in the computer and Oosten hands out a disk with plans and reports to everyone. While all of us are working on the plans or the registration for either Science Across the World or our virtual workspace Viadesk (registrations weren\´t successful for all of us yet) all participants,. headed by Elisabeth, were interviewed by the students Pia (questions) and Martin (video). Their story will appear on the school\´s web site: Elisabeth also gave an interview to a journalist of the local paper. This journalist also took a picture of the project participants and the headmaster in front of the school. Just before 11 o\´clock we say goodbye with presents and kisses: till next year in Sorrento! We enjoy our last coffee together. Everybody including the teachers from HLW try Oosten\´s \´krentenwegge\´, a delicacy from Eastern Netherlands. Headmaster Walter, Günther, Peter, Armin and all participating teachers come to say goodbye to the Dutch delegation that is leaving today. We take another group photo with nearly all cameras present. We tidy up our room from all documents and leave with Liliane to Klagenfurt for a typical lunch with Puntigamer beer in restaurant Pumpe. After the typical Karinthian lunch we walked through Klagenfurt along the Landeshaus, churches, fountains and old squares. We visit the music school in an old building that has been restored with a lot of glass to preserve the old and provide modern facilities.
The last international evening with Elisabeth and her family offers wonderful food and Neapolitan music by Marinu (vocals) and Augusto (piano).Even dog Nubia starts dancing!

Thursday 24 October 2002 

All good things end: Marinu and Augusto leave at 8h, Juliana, after attending lessons with Liliane at 12h. Sorrento, we come!

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